Basic Security Training


In order to work as a security guard in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, all applicants are required by law to complete the BST (Basic Security Training) certification-training course. By enrolling in Securiguard’s provincially-recognized, 40 hour BST training program, you will be equipped with all the skills you need to succeed as a Securiguard employee!

Securiguard’s instructors possess a 100% success rate and an average passing grade of 87%.

PLEASE NOTE: An English competency exam needs to be conducted prior to enrolling in our Vancouver-based courses.

Our course presents digital presentations and practical examples, leaving you fully prepared to work as a uniformed security officer or mobile patrol driver, a monitoring control operator or loss prevention worker, or any one of the many available positions in the industry.

Our BST course covers the following required content:

  • Professionalism & Ethics
  • Legal Studies
  • Report Writing
  • Personal Safety

In addition, Securiguard has incorporated elements of our @yourservice concierge training, ensuring that our officers excel in the delivery of customer service to our valued clients and customers.

Upon successful completion of our five-day BST training course, individuals chosen for employment by Securiguard can expect:

  • Competitive Wages
  • Health & Dental Benefits
  • Steady Full-Time or Part-Time Shifts
  • A Safe Work Environment
  • Tons of Employee Perks
  • The Best Looking Uniform in the Industry
  • The Respect You Deserve

Whether you’re a newcomer to the industry, or a seasoned security professional new to the province, Securiguard is the right choice for all your training needs.

Course Inquiries

  • Government Recognized Certification
  • 100% Pass Success Rate
  • 87% Average Passing Grade
  • Multiple Security Opportunities upon completion!

Course Inquiries

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