Strathcona Business Improvement Association Partnership

Strathcona-CX5Vancouver, BC – Securiguard is proud to announce that it has partnered with the Strathcona Business Improvement Association to ensure community safety, support local green initiatives and deliver enhanced customer service to all Strathcona residents. Securiguard staff will actively engage the local community and provide assistance when requested.

“Some of Securiguard’s guiding values are respect, courtesy and honesty. Our approach right from the outset is going to be demonstrating a culture of respect for every resident and visitor of the Strathcona region, and doing so in a courteous and honest manner. Our role is to assist the local community in any way we can and ensure that everyone experiences what this dynamic and growing community has to offer.”
– Darcy R. Kernaghan, President & CEO – Securiguard Services

Securiguard staff are easily identified and approachable in their black and yellow uniforms, as well as in their new high visibilty Community Watch vehicle. Securiguard’s team has spent the past few weeks engaging with local support and advocacy groups to better understand local issues and expectations. Safe walk and courtesy cards will be handed out at Strathcona events informing residents about Securiguard’s new role as a local resource.

About the Strathcona Business Improvement Association (BIA)

The Strathcona BIA is a non-profit organisation that represents business and commercial property owners in the Strathcona area. Its vision is to build a thriving and unique Vancouver community, seen as a model of positive change and sustainability.

The Strathcona BIA plays an important role in the business development, neighbourhood planning, safety, security and street enhancement of the Strathcona area.

For more info on the important work performed by Strathcona BIA, please visit their website at