Security guard service Barrie

It is the duty of the security guard services in Barrie to assume the first line of defense between possible security risks and the community they're serving. They must stay informed and alert about the security level and not just be a security presence. 

Industries We Serve

We’ve worked with several high-profile clients in the past, providing security at every level. Here’s an overview of our security guard service in Barrie.

Aviation Security

In 1997, we began working in the field of aviation security. Our services at the YVR airport include K9 narcotic and explosive detection, Airside Escort Programs, and Security Operations Centre Monitoring. All of these services require various clearances and specialized training for our personnel.

We've been able to grow with the YVR Airport over the past two decades, expanding our 24-hour services to meet the needs of their location and multinational clientele. We can boast of being among the top-rated aviation security services in Barrie.

Port Security

Our security professionals are familiar with Marine Security laws and well trained to enforce measures against unauthorized interference to maintain the safety and security of these essential trading centers and the citizens who work there.

We also offer traffic control services, restricted area passenger shuttle facilities, and other security services to cruise ship terminals and container terminals.


The security of vital infrastructure and public property is becoming more difficult for local, territorial, and federal governments. We offer personalized security services in Barrie, Vancouver, Abbotsford, and Surrey.

The arrangements also enable us to organize our operations across many sites and large geographic areas and include extra short-notice coverage for emergencies and high-profile events. We're also among the best private security guard companies in Barrie.

Commercial & Residential

Our protection experts have world-class customer support and act as front-door representatives for our clients in anything from single-tenant buildings to multi-tenant complexes. We partner with other stakeholders to deliver a detailed roadmap that is customized to the unique requirements.

Securiguard's Securitrak Analytics can provide real-time analysis and event monitoring to help property managers and tenants make smarter security decisions.

Special Events

Every special event needs careful preparation and coordination to be a success. Securiguard collaborates with event organizers to plan for crowd management, parking lot traffic control, executive security, potential risks, and restricted area entry.

We are proud to say that we’ve provided security for several high-profile events like the FIFA Women’s World Cup, JUNO Awards, Abbotsford International Air Show, and Vancouver Olympics. We also covered the recent Royal visit and other UBC Okanagan events.

Industrial & Critical Infrastructure

Often, the government places high-end projects in remote areas where we can provide a fly-in-fly-out mode of employment. Unfortunately, construction site equipment is usually prime targets for vandals and thieves. Our Barrie security services have the means to safeguard these facilities through a variety of specialist programs.

Our Barrie security guard services also have emergency response plans for scenarios such as burning, personal injury, storms, earthquakes, trespassers, sabotage, etc.

Our Security Solutions

Some of the security solutions we provide include:

  • Security Analytics: AI Threat tracking and Securitrack (for incident and maintenance reporting)
  • K9 Security: Patrol, Narcotics, Explosives, and Crowd Control
  • First Aid and Emergency Response: Safety hazard assessments, rapid first aid deployment
  • Security Consulting and Risk Management: Risk assessments, CPTED assessments, and labor disruption planning
  • Training: Employee training seminars, Licensing assistance
  • Technical Solutions: Security hardware
  • Specialized Personnel: Fire watch, Boiler safety awareness, shipping/receiving dock

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Security guard service Barrie
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Security guard service Barrie
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Security guard service Barrie