Security guard service Kelowna

At Securiguard, we provide security services in Kelowna for a wide variety of industries. We have served thousands of clients in Kelowna and have proven our dedication to our work. Whether you are worried about preventing employee theft, shoplifters, or burglars, we can help you in Kelowna. 


Canadian seaports and airports need specialized security services because risks in these areas are higher. At Securiguard, our Kelowna security guard services can help with traffic flow in the port by controlling what happens in departure and arrival areas. Our security guard will ensure that all vehicles coming in and out of are monitored accordingly. We can also help screen passengers.  

Healthcare Facility 

While clinics and hospitals are not so vulnerable to security threats like banks and hotels, you still need security guards. You don't know when a fire breakout will occur or when a mentally ill patient becomes violent in the facility, therefore risking people's lives in the clinic. At Securiguard, our Kelowna security guard can keep everyone in your facility safe.

Construction Site

In Kelowna, some criminals can gain access to your sites to steal expensive equipment, cables, and supplies. At Securiguard, our security guards can ensure safety in your sites. We can help you make sure that any visitors to your site respect safety protocols at all times. 

Manufacturing Plant 

In the manufacturing industry, ensuring that your facilities are safe is vital to running a successful business. At Securiguard, our Kelowna security guard has the experience to protect your assets and reduce potential losses using a customized security plan. We always strive to provide a security network that maintains your facility's production. 

Mall Security

Shopping malls are always crowded with many people, which can be an easy target for criminals. This is why security guards at shopping malls are vital. At Securiguard, we understand that shopping malls need unique and public security services. We will analyze your mall and provide a perfect security solution for you. 


Internal theft is one of the biggest challenges every warehouse manager face. To limit internal theft, you need to remember the importance of the security guard's presence throughout the warehouse. At Securiguard, our Kelowna security guard has experience in warehouse environments. We can help you prepare a security plan to reduce pilferage and theft in your warehouse. 

Government Facility

Almost all government facilities across the country have been facing complex security threats. This is why the government now partners with private security companies to provide cutting-edge security solutions. At Securiguard, we have the right security solution. We are committed to creating a secure environment for government facilities of every size.

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Security guard service Kelowna
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Security guard service Kelowna
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Security guard service Kelowna