Security guard service Toronto

If you're planning to hire a security company in Toronto, you probably have a few questions to ask. At Securiguard, we'd love to talk to you and answers your questions. Here, we've put together some of the frequently asked questions about our security guard services in Toronto.

What training do your Toronto security guards receive?

At Securiguard, all our security guards undergo on-site training before working with us. Our training program includes classroom training that covers all security procedures.

What kinds of security options do you offer? 

At Securiguard, we can tailor our private security plan to your needs. Our security options option includes but is not limited to armed guards, unarmed guards, alarm response, and marked-vehicle patrol service.

Are your guards in uniform?

Yes. At Securiguard, we offer a traditional police-style uniform and a concierge-style uniform with our company patch and badge.

Do you supervise your security guards?

Yes. We have supervisors that monitor the performance of our security guards. We promise to provide our clients with exceptional service through their supervision.

What background check do you carry out when hiring your guards?

We carry out database searches for each security guard's criminal background and perform an internal investigation. Our Toronto security guards also go through criminal history fingerprint checks.

Is your company insured and licensed?

At Securiguard, our guards are insured and licensed. We are happy to be one of the best security companies in Toronto.

What should be my expectation from your Toronto security guard services?

At Securiguard, you can expect our security guards to be: prompt, in uniform, well dressed, and determined to secure your property.

What are your typical working hours? 

We are open 24/7. We provide security service at a moment's notice, even on holidays and weekends.

How soon can I get security guards? 

Our guards can be at your property within a couple of hours. This helps most of our clients during troublesome circumstances. 

How much does guard service cost? 

The cost of security guard service varies depending on your needs. Factors such as type of premises, length of the desired service, number of weekly hours, and the types of duties will all impact the cost of the service. Call us today at 1-888-801-0222 for the exact cost of our security guard service in Toronto. We'll visit your site, conduct a survey and risk assessment to give you an affordable rate.

What types of businesses do you serve? 

At Securiguard, we provide security service to virtually all types of businesses in Toronto, including banks, restaurants, warehouses, schools & universities, residential communities, special events, car dealerships, industrial facilities, government facilities, retail outlets, vehicle escorts, facility entry/exit points, and many more!

Ready To Secure Your Property? Contact Securiguard

At Securiguard, our job is to protect you and your property. We can customize the perfect security solution for you no matter your security needs in Toronto.

Should you have more questions about our security guard services in Toronto, call us today at 1-888-801-0222 for the best private security solutions.

Security guard service Toronto
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Security guard service Toronto
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Security guard service Toronto