K9 Patrols


Why are Securiguard K9 patrols so efficient?

Securiguard patrol dogs have been protecting client interests and holdings for more than a decade. Patrol dogs are the back-bone of our K9 Unit and are used in many assignments from handler protection, to guarding critical infrastructure and providing close personal protection. However, the real story behind this popular profile is the efficiency a dog team provides when it comes to proactive patrols of large areas or infrastructure. A patrol dog can search a very large area in a fraction of the time a person can, and with complete assurance that safety measures have been accounted for. Did you know that a single K9 team patrolling an area can be more effective than four security officers?

Why are patrol dogs such a deterrent to crime?

With their acute sense of hearing and smell, patrol dogs are an extremely effective deterrent to crime. Securiguard patrol dogs are highly mobile, with their primary purpose being to deter criminal activity with their presence. Common offences include:

  • Break and enters
  • Theft from autos
  • Purse snatchings
  • Robberies

A patrol dog is a significant visual deterrent for offenders in crime-mode.

Is visibility important?

Our Securiguard patrol dogs ride with their handlers in marked SUV-style vehicles with built-in kennels, allowing for rapid deployment. The K9 vehicles are highly visible and also act as a deterrent to offenders.

Are the dogs friendly?

The public is used to seeing Securiguard dogs patrolling areas where public safety is a priority, such as parkades, parking lots, office buildings, waterfront areas, airports and more. Securiguard patrol dogs are very comfortable working closely in and around members of the public and they are highly socialized to all environments. The dogs regularly work around cars, crowds, heavy machinery, noise, other dogs and children. These dogs are not pets however, and when they are working, strict obedience and training standards are adhered to by their handlers in the course of their duties.

Who certifies Securiguard patrol dogs?

The Ministry of Justice, Security Industry Licencing Division – Justice Institute of British Columbia validates all Securiguard patrol dogs annually.

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