Aviation Security

Airport-CheckSecuriguard’s history in aviation security began in 1997 when Securiguard commenced a pioneering private security enforcement contract with the Vancouver Airport Authority. This process involved a major transition, with enforcement of Aviation Security passing from the RCMP to the private sector. Since this initial contract, our services have since expanded to include other airports and services in Western Canada.

Today, our 24-hour security services provide the following:

  • Employee and Tenant Access Control
  • Security Operations Centre Monitoring
  • Primary Security Line Patroller services
  • Responding to Medical Emergencies
  • Explosive Detection

Other services we provide include:

Airside Safety Escort Service

In addition to terminal security, Securiguard’s Airside Escort Services operates 24/7 and provides vital management services on airport runways and taxiways.

Our services provide a safety net for construction projects surrounded by active taxiways and runways where potential hazards are acute. These services extend to special coverage Snow Ops Rapid Response.

Airport Parking Patrol

Airport-DirectionsIn 2002, Securiguard established an Airport Parking Patrol division to protect the employee and public parking lots at primary airport terminals.

Aviation Security & Safety Training

Securiguard is committed to providing Aviation Security services that focus on voluntary security compliance, security awareness and outstanding customer service.

Securiguard has taken ownership and responsibility for the continued upgrade and development of our airport training syllabus and course materials. We have also developed experienced aviation security resource personnel as lecturers and facilitators.

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