Labour Disruptions

Securiguard has represented over 60 businesses in British Columbia during a labour disruption. We have a stellar reputation in the legal community for obtaining quality evidence that ensures a safe picket line for staff and, if required, for businesses to continue operations uninterrupted.

Our comprehensive selection of services provides us with the capability to create customized response and contingency plans for every scenario’s unique requirements, including but not limited to:

Our personnel are present to achieve two key objectives:

  • To provide for the security of persons and/or property and assets in relation to the client, and;
  • The proper recording of any incident related to breaches against the person or said property

Our solutions reduce potential vandalism and ensure that situations of tension and high emotion are addressed through the provision of calm, neutral personnel. Our specialists create an integrated security plan that protects your property and assets, and ensures the continuation of vital operations. Securiguard teams arrive on site with all the specialized training and necessary equipment, including vehicles, protective gear and mobile communications. Our comprehensive solutions are available for both short-term and ongoing contract work.

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