Parking Lots

ParkadeSecuriguard has a long history of providing parking lot security solutions, having introduced the first bike patrol over 12 years ago to protect high risk parking lots in the Vancouver downtown core.

Our services have since expanded across BC and Alberta. Securiguard continues to offer proven best practices that secure our clients’ parkades against theft from auto, and ensure the safety of staff and visitors on site.

Securiguard is also capable of providing Traffic Control services. Securiguard currently has TCP certified guards deployed at various high traffic locations. These guards are responsible for ensuring that the flow of traffic continues uninterrupted while guaranteeing the safety of the public and clients’ assets.

Securiguard’s experience dealing with unique parking environments has led us to develop the highest industry standards and better manage potential challenges arising from localized property including crime, drugs, mental illness and homelessness.

Our officers are dually trained to provide added-value customer service, including assisting customers with lost keys or other personal property, problem solving parking meter issues or calling for support in the event of automobile difficulties.

Services provided at public and private parking lots are varied, and include:

  • Access Control
  • Trespasser Removal
  • Managing Safewalk Programs
  • Administering First Aid
  • Liaising with Local Stakeholders
  • Loss Prevention
  • Car Counts and Auto Find
  • Deficiency Walkthroughs
  • Bait Car Program

Parking Lot Ticketing Services

Our mobile and bike patrollers are also used to ensure compliance with parkade regulations. In certain parking lots, our officers provide non-compliance ticketing services such as for time expired on parking permits, no payments made, double parking, parking outside the lines, and cars illegally parked in emergency zones.

Remote Video Monitoring (RVM)

Combining remote video verification and/or remote access control systems at your parkade with our C3 Customer Communication Centre provides very cost effective service and detection capabilities.

A few of the primary benefits to this service include:

  • Real time monitoring of events as they occur, which addresses the time sensitivity of crimes
  • RVM initiated alerts facilitate an immediate and rapid response from our closest mobile response teams
  • Storing and archiving the video off-site provides added security of evidence
  • Remote operator controls free up valuable personnel and resources