Remote Sites


Oil & Gas, Mining and Energy Industries

This is where we got our start 43 years ago and remains a specialty we offer the resource sector. We understand camp culture and the value of being an extension of management, focused on improving the flow of your business and customer service.

Securiguard has proven expertise in deploying security personnel into remote areas for work in mining camps, oil and gas sites (including pipelines) and hydroelectric facilities such as dams. Our team puts a wide array of resources at the disposal of our clients, including plainclothes and uniformed security officers, risk assessment specialists, private investigators, logistics managers and integrated technology systems.

Other remote locations services we provide include:

  • Visitor Control
  • Perimeter Patrols
  • Maintenance Checks for Safety Hazards, Flood or Fire Damage
  • Road Patrol and Radar Enforcement
  • Marine Safety Patrols
  • Provision of Remote Site Infrastructure (Guard Shacks, Fencing, Gates, Cameras)


Workplace safety is paramount for Securiguard. Our officers ensure that visiting personnel on site are compliant with safety regulations and guidelines. Routine patrols check sites for safety hazards, flood or fire damage and report any identified issues immediately. Securiguard retains a Certificate of Recognition in Safety for our safety program and is both ISNetworld and CanQual compliant.

Labour Disruption

During periods of potential labour disruption or ongoing vandalism, our specialists create an integrated security plan that protects your property and assets, and ensures the continuation of vital operations. Securiguard teams arrive on site with all the specialized training and necessary equipment, including vehicles, protective gear and mobile communications. Our comprehensive solutions are available for both short-term and ongoing contract work.

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