Retail and Malls


Securiguard provides enhanced customer service and loss prevention personnel to a wide range of malls, community centres, luxury brand stores, supermarkets, and financial institutions across British Columbia and Alberta. From securing high-end merchandise to monitoring cash and employee assets, Securiguard offers a range of solutions while always providing an enjoyable and service-oriented customer experience.

Retail-Specific Services

Securityhost Customer Service Training

Tourism British Columbia has recognized Securiguard Services as a “SuperHost” Business. Securiguard developed a SuperHost program exclusively tailored for the security industry, which today has become the industry benchmark. Our SecurityHost™ training program ensures that each security officer deployed within a retail environment understands the importance of becoming a welcoming and supportive part of the daily interactive experience of every visitor, staff member and stakeholder at that site.

Furthermore, our retail security officers receive monthly reviews and training opportunities to reinforce and improve their professional responses to medical emergencies, lost children, evacuation procedures and other evolving security industry improvements.

Loss Prevention Solutions

Both uniformed and plainclothes security officers are available and our loss prevention consultants offer added-value solutions such as employee awareness seminars and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) audits/recommendations.

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