Our Commitment

Sustainability, Diversity & Social Responsibility

Securiguard’s purpose is to Make People Feel Safe. As an organization, we are committed to being a good employer, business partner and corporate citizen. We continue to identify new ways to deliver positive results that can be incorporated into our daily operations to safeguard our communities and the planet for future generations.

Securiguard understands the importance of implementing Sustainability, Diversity and Corporate Responsibility standards into our business practices. To achieve this goal, we are engaged and working with all our key stakeholders including employees, clients, business partners, shareholders, Indigenous communities, and suppliers.

Triple Bottom Line

Securiguard has implemented a Triple Bottom Line approach in order to achieve our Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

Triple Bottom Line (TBL), sometimes called People, Planet & Profit, is a major undertaking because it expands how we understand corporate sustainability as we measure with targets our ability to thrive for the long term, based on our impact on the environment, our relationship to our community, and our contribution to our economy. All three factors play a major role in determining if our business is successful. We understand the importance of implementing Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility standards into our business practices to achieve our targets around TBL.

People – Diversity

One of the key elements of our focus is building a culture that embraces and celebrates equity, diversity, and inclusion.

We will continue to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace for all, including the increased recruitment of women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, persons who identify with the LGBTQIA2S+ community and Indigenous peoples.

Securiguard will work to improve the health and well-being of both internal and external stakeholders with a strong focus on our culture of health and safety. We will encourage healthy living by providing guidance and information to our employees.

Additionally, we will continue to invest in our people by being a leader in Training, Development and Career Progression as reflected by the launch of Securiguard University.

Planet – Sustainability

Understanding the impact of our organization on the environment at both the corporate and operational levels is vital and will enable us to develop strategies to mitigate harm that our company has on the land, air, and water. Securiguard will implement practical solutions to measure, track and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our continued partnership with Climate Smart will ensure the ongoing development and accountability of sustainability initiatives, with a goal of eliminating our carbon emissions and achieving Net Zero by 2050.

Profit – Economic

Strategic planning initiatives and key business decisions are designed to maximize profits while reducing costs and mitigating risk. This includes working with suppliers and vendors that are committed to ethical sourcing, contributing to a positive change in the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Operating as a values-based organization has made Corporate Social Responsibility as one of our key objectives. We will continue to use our organizational values of REACH (Respect, Empathy, Accountability, Courtesy and Honesty) to guide all our decisions. These values are instilled in every employee to believe that they can make a difference.

We have established the Securiguard Cares committee, who oversee all our initiatives focused on giving back to the communities that we work and live in. Securiguard Cares supports many charities and client-based events / initiatives, raising funds and providing volunteers for a variety of different events. Our employees have a strong connection to the communities in which we serve and are making a lasting change by donating their time and resources to give back. It is our local participation that builds a sense of belonging to the community, for our security officers, management, and clients.


Securiguard Services Ltd is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive environment for all persons with disabilities in a way that is respectful of the dignity and independence of people with disabilities and in a manner which takes into account the person’s disability and embodies the principles of integration and equal opportunity.

Securiguard will ensure that all personnel are aware of their rights, and their shared responsibilities to foster an accessible and inclusive environment.

Securiguard will strive to ensure that the regulation, standards and all other relevant legislation concerning AODA and accessibility are rigorously observed in a timely fashion.

Documents and other information on our AODA Policy and Procedures are available through our Human Resources Department. Please call the relevant Branch for more details.