History of Securiguard

DarcySecuriguard established its first contract in 1974, securing the mining town of Cassiar, acting as an extension of management focusing on customer service. Our original trade name was World Investigation, Security Division. World Investigation commenced operations in 1971 under the direction of S.J. Kernaghan, the owner of Kernaghan Adjusters*, who had a strong passion for investigation. We soon expanded further into the mining industry and opened up in Vancouver in 1977 when we were re-branded Securiguard.

Throughout our history, we have been known for innovation: introducing the first high visibility yellow jacket (before the police), the first bicycle patrol and the first private security company to become ISO certified.

Being recognized as a leader in the corporate security industry, Securiguard was the first private security company to be selected to replace the RCMP at a Class 1 Airport, at the time, the only one in Canada. Partly due to the success of our implementation, other airport authorities have now adopted this model. Securiguard was selected to replace the Ports Canada Police patrolling functions, which is where we introduced our trademark, high visibility vehicles.

Securiguard has additionally won several nationally-recognized awards from the Building Owners and Managers Association.

For the past 43 years, Securiguard has experienced consistent growth and enjoyed profitability each and every year under the direction of Darcy R. Kernaghan, our first and only President and CEO.  We are proud to have offices in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, the Fraser Valley, the North Coast, Kelowna, Edmonton, Peace River, and franchise operations in the United Arab Emirates.

Today Securiguard is Western Canada’s leading provider of corporate security through a focus on listening, creating value and doing what we say. We care for our people, community and environment.

Securiguard representatives make people feel safe.


*Kernaghan Adjusters continues to lead the Private Canadian Insurance Adjusting Industry under the direction of Patti Kernaghan.