COVID Contact Tracing Privacy Policy

Physical, organizational, and technological systems are used to ensure that personal information remains secure at all times, thus maintaining the utmost confidentiality and privacy of client and employee personal information.

All employee and client files are kept secure at all times and are accessed only by authorized individuals and only for authorized purposes. Files are stored in high security filing cabinets, with access being tightly controlled. Every file has a tracking system so that files are always accounted for. Routine quality audits are conducted to ensure that our security systems perform as required, guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality.

Employees are committed to protecting information: all sign confidentiality agreements yearly as conditions of employment.

Personal information contained in computer databases is protected by several levels of security controls, including various passwords and access tiers. Security passwords are complex and random, and are changed often.

All personal information is subject to minimum and maximum retention periods. Information is kept for only as long as is needed and is then destroyed through secure destruction processes. Information slated for destruction is kept secure in locked receptacles. Contractors hired to destroy the material must agree to guarantee its security.

Any contractor holding or processing personal information of Securiguard employees or clients shall ensure that the information is kept secure and confidential. When information such as payroll data is transmitted by computer, secure computer processes shall be in place, including passwords and encryption.

Parties wishing to access their personal information do so simply by contacting our company privacy representative. Information requests are processed quickly and efficiently. Any complaints or requests for corrections to personal information are processed in the same manner.

Personal information is not collected, used, or disclosed unless the necessary consent is provided. Securiguard ensures that it advises parties of the reasons for collection, use and disclose before obtaining consent, thus ensuring that any consent is informed consent.